Super Expel is a redent expellant that is used to drive away various vertebrates such as martens, dormice, raccoons.
This product is based onsmell and taste substance unpleasant for animals.

Effect explained in the video

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Operating principle of the powder repellent

After the repellent has been applied over a large area, the powder adheres to the coat and paws of the animal as it passes through the treated areas. During the cleaning process of the animals, which takes place several times a day, the preparation is applied to the eyes and mucous membranes, which is very unpleasant for the animal. After leaving the occupied area, the animal returns 2 – 3 times until it can connect the unpleasant feeling with the place and thus stays away permanently. The essential oil covers the separate marking smell of the animal, may it be sleeping, eating or toilet place, which ensures that usually no further animal penetrates. Should this be the case, it will also be driven away by the existing repellent.

The product has been manufactured on the basis of an essential oil

The effectiveness of the repellent has been tested for over 2 years by pest controllers at different customers, different building types and different kinds of pests and has been judged to be successful.

The active ingredient influences animals through the contact during personal hygiene with the unpleasant odours and flavours.

Pest controllers


Months / Test period



The marten problem

Having a marten in your house brings a lot of inconvenience. Odour and noise nuisances can significantly impair the quality of life and the damage caused can become expensive. If it first eats through the insulation of the roof and gnaws on pipes, repair measures are due. If it carries its prey with it into the house, maggots and flies can form here afterwards, which can become a further nuisance. Strong impurities and unpleasant smells develop among other things also through their toilet, sleep and feeding places. Martens are outwardly quite different. There is no unified appearance. What can be said about all martens is that they are the smallest to medium-sized land predators. They have a gland on their rear with which they can spray a foul smelling secretion to ward off enemies. Many species are able to spray the secretion into the face and eyes of the enemy. If sprayed in the eye, a strong irritant effect can occur that the opponent can even go blind from it. Martens have the typical predator-bit with 32-38 teeth including the tear-tooths. Since the joint of the lower jaw sits very firmly in the upper jaw, martens cannot chew grindingly, only cut- squeeze.


Raccoons are hard to catch. SuperExpel is the alternative to drive the animal away effectively and permanently.


SuperExpel successfully expels Dormouses in the shortest possible time from attics or hollow areas.

and others

All vertebrates that disturb humans in their well-being through noise and odours, as well as endanger their health through excrements and their respective lifestyles, are not only driven out with SuperExpel, but also kept away permanently.

Marten in the house

Marten in the roof