The life of a marten

Marten - Insatiable   Martens are predators, which are often seen in human-proximity. What distinguishes martens from other predators, however, is their nature and stature. The stone marten, which is so often in our proximity, has a special stature, which makes...

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Bird flu in martens

Bird flu in martens What do these two things have in common? Avian influenza is no longer so topical, but it has not been forgotten. What bird flu and marten have in common is frightening. In 2006 the bird flu H5N1 infection was found in a stone marten in Germany....

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Soon it’s marten time again

Soon it's marten time again! Sleepless nights, restlessness and damage that quickly become a part of everyday life. It doesn't matter whether you are in the country or in a big city. The risk of getting a marten infestation is and remains relatively high. Whereby the...

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