The effect of Super Expel

The mode of action consists of 2 mechanisms of action:

  1. Odour
  2. Contact

After application, the repellent emits an unpleasant odor for vertebrates, which man classifies as mentholar. After a few days, this smell can no longer be smelled by humans, but can still be perceived by animals.

The animal runs through the large powder area, which gets stuck in the coat and on the paws. While the animal is cleaning itself, the powder comes into contact with the mucous membranes and causes a very unpleasant feeling, which is caused again with each further contact. The animal connects this unpleasant feeling and smell with the place, leaving it and avoiding it in the future.

As the active ingredients contained in the powder are only activated by combination with moisture (mucous membranes), the preparation is very long-lasting and effective over a long period of time.

Application of Super Expel

The powder can be dispersed manually on open surfaces such as attics. However, it is recommended to apply the powder with a powder sprayer. For cavity areas as well as in places difficult to access, it is strongly recommended to work with a powder sprayer to ensure that the preparation penetrates into all areas and is distributed over large areas. For smaller areas, a gas pot can also be used.

Possible applications:

  •          manually by scattering
  •          Gaspot / CO2
  •          Example Birchmeier DR5 Duster powder atomizer in combination with a compressor


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