Marten – Insatiable


Martens are predators, which are often seen in human-proximity. What distinguishes martens from other predators, however, is their nature and stature. The stone marten, which is so often in our proximity, has a special stature, which makes it easy for it to penetrate into even the smallest cracks and holes.


The marten motto: What doesn’t fit, is made to fit!

Marder sind agressivWhere they want a place, a place is created. It doesn’t matter whether it has to be nibbled, chewed, torn apart or something torn off. The main thing is that the marten gets what he wants. If the marten accidentally feels a strange marten smell, this can catapult him into the aggressive phase very quickly and make the destruction of a property even easier, because martens tolerate competitors very badly.


After he has exhausted himself to a capacity, a small passage, a small hole or something similar has been created, which finally leads him to find a comfortable and long-lasting place to stay. A hibernation is unknown to the raging little pests. They are also active in winter. Especially when they have built a cosy nest and have settled in properly. Then you have to quickly reckon with offspring. The martens have definitely no time to hibernate. They prefer to take care of other things, such as the acquisition of food and offspring.