Soon it’s marten time again

Soon it’s marten time again!

Sleepless nights, restlessness and damage that quickly become a part of everyday life. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the country or in a big city. The risk of getting a marten infestation is and remains relatively high. Whereby the nocturnal marten is known to be a wild animal, it is not shy of us humans and nests itself comfortably into our property and transforms it into its home or place of refuge. Thus for the affected people a nuisance.


Martens in the car?

The marten in the car is most interested in the cables and hoses. Why is this so? Because there probably already was another marten visiting and has left his scent trace. Dreamlike! Exactly that can quickly throw the marten in the car out of concept . It becomes so aggressive that it bites and scratches and thus your car is a deflector of aggression. Simply driving the marten out of the car is easier said than done. Likewise, it is undoubtedly a problem if there is a marten in the house. There he can let out his rage completely. Whether at dusk, on the walls or objects that are there. The consequences are extreme. Such a cute little animal is at the same time a predator! They eat meat and take, like other predators, their food in their shelter, store and eat it there. Since they like to eat birds and mice and since it is nice and warm there, the leftovers and remains quickly decompose. The consequences? Maggots and flies that multiply in a flash and make your attic uninhabitable. At first it remains unnoticed, but after a few days and after several urine drains it can easily make itself felt at home in your home. Marten urine smells very biting and penetrates quickly and easily into all building materials. As soon as this should be the case, it can usually be too late to simply expel the marten. Therefore it is recommended to prevent a marten infestation instead of waiting for the consequences to catch up with you. If you are looking for professional help with a marten infestation, the company ASV Schädlingsbekämpfung can assist you with advice and also provide you with a marten expert under the free telephone number 0800 / 111 66 00.